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Cushioned Swing Check Valves


Heavily constructed, exceeds AWWA standards used on Water or Raw Sewage Pumping Stations. Available with Air Cushion (Fast Closing), or Oil Cushion (Slow Closing) to prevent or minimize slam and water hammer. Flow area is full ported and equal to pipe area. All internals easily replaced thru top cover without removing valve from the pipeline. Ratings 125#, 150#, 250#, and 300# class.

Bottom Mounted Buffers have been used successfully for decades to eliminate slamming of the valve disc and resultant water hammer.

Recommended where rapid flow reversal (caused by a Hydro-pneumatic Surge Tank or a critical slope of discharge pipeline) is so fast that a free closing check valve cannot shut prior to reverse flow and therefore slams. The Buffer will stop the disc at approximately 90% (adjustable) of closure and control close the disc to shut-off without slamming. This is accomplished with minimal pressure rise. The buffer system is self contained. Auxillary equipment is not required.

Availability stock thru 16 weeks.

Sizes 2" thru 66".

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6000B Series (Bottom Mounted)




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