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Siphon Air Valve- 5200

SYPHON AIR VALVES are a unique type of Air Vacuum Valve incorporating a paddle which hangs down the main pipeline flow stream. The valve will allow a syphon flow to be developed and maintained after stopping the pump. Subsequently should the syphon flow reverse, the paddle swings in reverse causing the port to open and break the syphon. The APCO Syphon Valve requires no electrical connections or regular maintenance and is ideally suited for remote environments. In recent years with the emphasis on energy conservation, consultant engineers for water or wafer, often consider pumping by means of a syphon loop. APCO SYPHON AIR VALVES are ideally suited for application. Solenoid valves for small diameter syphons, or pneumatically operated butterfly valves, for large diameter syphons, may also be adapted for this application, but installation and maintenance is complicated cumbersome. For example, power lines and air lines, must be installed to operate these valves, an air compressor is also needed. APCO SYPHON AIR VALVES are mechanically operated, requiring no auxiliary power. They merely respond to flow, in either direction, to make the syphon or break it, and the maintenance is virtually.

Sizes 3" to 16" for syphons up to 60" diameter.

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5200 Series


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