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Air Valves For Vertical Turbine Pumps with Water Diffuser

Air Valves For Vertical Turbine Pumps with Water Diffuser are essential to vent air from the pump column at the point of discharge from the pump. Located between the pump discharge and the pump check valve. Each valve is equipped with a water diffuser which performs like the water bubbler on a water faucet, breaking down the solid destructive column of water into an aerated, non-destructive stream of water. Likewise, the surging water entering the deep well air valve is and broken down into a smooth flowing stream of water. In this manner, positive closure of the vertical turbine air valve without water hammer or damage to the valve pump is accomplished additionally. The Double Acting Throttle Device permits regulation of the flow of air escaping from the valve to establish a back pressure, slowing the rising column of water and the surge in line during start up is greatly reduced. The Double Acting Throttling Device spring loaded mechanism allows full flow air in draining of system. This action results in a smoother trouble

free operation of the pumping system.

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140DAT Series (Double Acting Throttle)




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